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About RMCoin

RMCoin is coming up with the newest and latest technology on the most trusted blockchain BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

RMCoin has been designed in such way to become the most useful gold token. The token burn concept will keep burning tokens from supply consistently.

RMCoin holds gold as its underlying asset. So that it maintains the stability of the RMC price in the future and makes it a useful token.

Whenever anyone mining RMCoin, either stake or farm 50% of tokens mining will burn. Thus, the tokens supply will get lower and lower day by day. It will work as an engine to push the price and become an gold asset for holders.


RMCoin Release And Usability Projects

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Use To Earn
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Buy Now Paylater
Shop To Earn
Online Games

Why Purchase RMCoin?

We believe in a new world, which helps you lunch and introduce your Gold Key Future. We designed Gold Assets in the future very carefully to make it more attractive, useful and fit any kind of your needed.

Gold User Assets

We protect the price level by keeping the supply circulating in the public and in balance with the ecosystem that we design in the future to meet your needs.

Most Credibility

With our team experienced in the field of Cryptocurrency and Finance since 2012 where our team's management expertise is very reliable, we are confident and believe we can provide a good level of customer trust.

Big Data Insights

With our team's insights supported by projects that are useful for our asset users, you can make long-term investments in our assets without worry and with a sense of security and comfort.

Supported Wallets

Contract Address:


Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.

Sales Information

Total Token Supply 99,999,999 RMC
Tokens Allocated for ICO 2,000,000 RMC
Token Value 1 RMC = 0.2 USDT
Accepted BNB, USDT, BUSD etc.

Token Sale Stage End In

Sales so far 1,050 RMC
0.05 %
5% Referral Bonus
The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

Our market strategy will prioritise blockchain technology rollout to utilities based on their transformation. View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.

Q1 - Q2 2023
  • Birth of RMCoin Idea
  • Gathering A Team
  • Tokenomics & Launch
  • Website Launch
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Starting-Pre Launch Marketing
Q2 - Q3 2023
  • Marketing & PR Release
  • Pre-Sale ICO Starts
  • Redesign of website goes live
  • Initial Coin Offering Launch
  • 1,000 Holders
Q3 - Q4 2023
  • Continued Marketing
  • 3,000 Holders
  • User Acquisition
  • Creating Partnership
  • Team Expansion
  • Staking Platform Launch
Q1 - Q2 2024
  • Platform Feature Expansion
  • 3rd Product Development
  • The Future
  • Continued Marketing
  • Listing on Coin Voting Platform
  • 10,000 Holders
  • 3rd Product Launch
Q2 - Q3 2024
  • Listing on CG and CMC
  • Platform Feature Expansion
  • Competitions With Big Prizes
  • Continued Adding Product to Ecosystem
  • Listing on Coin Voting Platform
  • 100M Marketcap

Core Team

Heather Vinh
Web Development Expert Graphic,
Website, 3D & UX Designer.
Shan Johnson
Blockchain Developer with over 3 years experience.
Will Skyman
7 Years of experience & already worked with 20+ projects.
B.M. Singh
(Community Manager)
16 Years of experience in network marketing & sales.